Torah Classes

Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM

Join a group discussion of the weekly Parsha. Everyone is encouraged to participate and share his or her insights. Our class gleans wisdom from various rabbinic and messianic sources. We use the Artscroll Chumash commentary as a base for our discussions.

Investment in Torah

At the core of our community gatherings is our weekly study of Torah.  As we focus on the texts breathed into Moses we find that our study of the rest of scripture gains more clarity.  For centuries, people have tried to understand the Yeshua of the Gospels without understanding the foundation of Mashiach's life, the Torah of Moses.  Yeshua brought us to the Torah by investing his life in perfecting it.

The purpose of scripture is to challenge us and drive us higher in the pursuit of a perfected world.  We challenge ourselves by engaging in the age old dialog of teacher and student.  The Jewish sages, who were closer to the transcendent event of Sinai,  bring us a wealth of Divine insight which serves to highten our awareness of the Torah bound up with our souls.

Communal and personal knowledge of Mashiach is interwoven through this constant dialog in our community.  His life perfectly exemplifies a life bound up in Torah as demonstrated in his teachings and compassion toward others.

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