Hebrew Class

The purpose of this class is to make reading and understanding Biblical (Classical) Hebrew a skill accessible to all.  This primer not only provides a thorough walkthrough of basic Hebrew grammatical concepts and vocabulary, but also aides the student in perfecting each chapter with maximum retention through easy to follow lessons.  Each student will gain the necessary tools to become confident in reading and more successfully translating Hebrew.


This class is designed for the beginner to the intermediate student. All beginning students will be required to use the text Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew by EKS Publishing prior to the start of the class. This will assist the beginner in memorization of the Hebrew alephbet and obtaining basic reading skills, while minimizing the acclimation period due to learning a new character set. Beginners may check this out of our synagogue library as there will be copies reserved for your use. 

By studying Biblical Hebrew, you will not only learn valuable vocabulary that will help with Torah study, but useful siddur vocabulary as well.  You will also be able to connect with Hebrew in a more personal way. With as little as 30 minutes per day, each student will attain greater proficiency in reading and comprehension of Hebrew.  To be within a synagogue without a basic understanding of Hebrew can be likened to a Jewish bakery without challah!  Make this the year that YOU commit yourself to Hebrew language learning and increase your literacy of the holy tongue.

Texts Being Used:

1) The First Hebrew Primer - The Easy Way by EKS Publishing

2) Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew by EKS Publishing

3) Answer Book: The First Hebrew Primer by EKS Publishing

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