Our services during most of the year are every Shabbat morning, Saturday, at 10:30 a.m. We meet for services at 13001 37th Ave S, Tukwila, Washington. 

Our liturgy and music are in Hebrew and in English, and are user friendly. The focus of our service is a blend of traditional liturgy (sung in traditional nusach) and Torah understanding for our time.  We blend the gentle beat of djembe drumming with acapella music to bring an organic sound to our services.  

You can follow along several ways.  If you are already familiar with traditional davvening, we welcome you to use the Complete Artscroll Siddur.  For beginners needing the transliterated Hebrew, and those who want to follow the additional messianic passages, poems, and songs, we welcome you to try the B'Yachad Living Siddur.  This electronic siddur contains the exact service for the week, including extra passages, poems, and songs that bring extra life and meaning to our liturgy. This was developed locally and it is very easy to use.  Even those who are not tech savvy have said it makes our service more accessible and easier to follow.  Click the image to learn more about this innovation.



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Torah Classes

Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM

Join a group discussion of the weekly Parsha. Everyone is encouraged to participate and share his or her insights. Our class gleans wisdom from various rabbinic and messianic sources. We use the Artscroll Chumash commentary as a base for our discussions.


Hebrew Class

The purpose of this class is to make reading and understanding Biblical (Classical) Hebrew a skill accessible to all.  This primer not only provides a thorough walkthrough of basic Hebrew grammatical concepts and vocabulary, but also aides the student in perfecting each chapter with maximum retention through easy to follow lessons.  Each student will gain the necessary tools to become confident in reading and more successfully translating Hebrew.


Photo Gallery

Photographs of the shul sanctuary...



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