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Our Vision

Our community and leadership envision a vibrant and engaging interaction with Jewish tradition that will transform the way messianic Judaism is understood and observed. We encourage a rediscovery of rabbinic thought and a revelation of the Mashiach who forever remains at the core of that tradition.

The Mishnah teaches us that "the world stands on three things: On Torah, on Service (Avodah), and on Acts of Loving Kindness (Gemilut Chassidim)." (Pirkei Avot 1:2)  We seek to reinvest Loving Kindness into our study and action of Torah in our lives, and in our Service to Hashem as we cleave to Him.

Investment in Torah

At the core of our community gatherings is our weekly study of Torah.  As we focus on the texts breathed into Moses we find that our study of the rest of scripture gains more clarity.  For centuries, people have tried to understand the Yeshua of the Gospels without understanding the foundation of Mashiach's life, the Torah of Moses.  Yeshua brought us to the Torah by investing his life in perfecting it.

The purpose of scripture is to challenge us and drive us higher in the pursuit of a perfected world.  We challenge ourselves by engaging in the age old dialog of teacher and student.  The Jewish sages, who were closer to the transcendent event of Sinai,  bring us a wealth of Divine insight which serves to highten our awareness of the Torah bound up with our souls.

Communal and personal knowledge of Mashiach is interwoven through this constant dialog in our community.  His life perfectly exemplifies a life bound up in Torah as demonstrated in his teachings and compassion toward others.

Service of the Heart

The Torah service proclaims, "you who cling to G-d, you are all alive today" (Deut. 4:4)  We seek traditional Jewish forms of worship, through Hebrew, English and in song.  This kind of service is a vehicle that we believe brings us into a constant awareness of the Divine around us.  We believe that our lives should be infused with blessings, not just once weekly, but throughout our days.

The Kindness of an Open Hand

The Torah teaches us many ways that we can help one another, but most of all it shows us how to relate to one another, as we toil over Torah, and cleave through Avodah.  If we don't display love and kindness toward all humanity, our engagement with Torah and Avodah are vanity.  Loving kindness transforms our personal relationships and forms the framework for our Torah understanding and practice.

Because all people are created in the image of G-d, how we treat them is a reflection of our respect and love for Him. Therefore, true piety cannot exist apart from human decency.

What others are saying...

Recently, Boaz Michael from First Fruits of Zion came to visit our community.  Here is what he had to say:

While in the Seattle area, we visited with a congregation of over 40 years named Beit Hashofar. Take a tour of this beautiful Synagogue with me and hear about [the] vision for this community and some thoughts on establishing solid and lasting communities.

Here is his video update from his family road trip:

Hear it for Yourself

In June 2008, our rabbi gave an important message at the annual UMJC International Conference near Jerusalem.  This message, based on Parashat Korach (Numbers 16-18), shows us how important sacrifice and unity are in our movement.  These words express the vision of Beit Hashofar and the community we are building.

(approx. 30 minutes)




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