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Tuesdays @ 6:30pm


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Shavuot Services


5PM—Mincha Service
6PM—Dairy meal celebrating Shavuot
8:30PM—Shavuot Maariv Service
(followed by group study)

No services on Sunday

Character matters


In our community, character matters. We created a program to help us balance our character traits. Browse our learning materials and strengthen your own character. This should be the basis of every healthy faith community.

Click here for a great starting point.

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Passover Seder Songs

I've uploaded songs for the Passover Seder to the web server.

The main directory has the basic songs.  The "all_sources" sub-directory has more variations.


(note that the page numbers in the filenames correspond to the pages in the Family Artscroll Haggadah)


You can also hear the seder on VirtualCantor, but I don't think his voice is very sweet.



Healthy Cleaning

Where Do I Start?
  • A good cleaning session starts with a peaceful mind and the ambition to do the job. Pick out some music to inspire you and plan a reward for yourself for afterwards. Motivate!
  • Don't take on more than what is reasonable. Plan to do one room in two days. Sure, you could probably do it in one, but burnout is guaranteed even for the young. Think of how many rooms you have to do! Plan ahead and pace yourself.


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