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Character matters


In our community, character matters. We created a program to help us balance our character traits. Browse our learning materials and strengthen your own character. This should be the basis of every healthy faith community.

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How To Kosher Your Kitchen


We are living in quite unusual times, especially for Jews. Remarkably, perhaps miraculously, Jews of all ages and backgrounds, are now taking steps to return to the heritage of their ancestors. Hence, the growing interest in kashruth, and kosher homemaking. While you may or may not have already decided to kosher your home, it's important that you realize that making your home kosher is not only the fulfillment of a religious precept, but also a vital social and national action. By making your home kosher, any Jew, from anywhere in the world will feel welcome in your home, and by taking this important step, you will also be saying that you wish to identify with the Jewish people, and be a part of their cultural legacy. One can become obsessive about almost any activity in life. Koshering one's home can seem overwhelming, but it need not be.


Passover Seder Songs

I've uploaded songs for the Passover Seder to the web server.

The main directory has the basic songs.  The "all_sources" sub-directory has more variations.


(note that the page numbers in the filenames correspond to the pages in the Family Artscroll Haggadah)


You can also hear the seder on VirtualCantor, but I don't think his voice is very sweet.



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